"AR Virtual Garden" by Aiko Fukuda was selected for Design Trend.



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    Haguruma Night

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    Adobe MAX Mini Workshop

    Faber-Castell Coloring Workshop​​​​​​​

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    Adobe Fresco Press Conference
    Graf Von Faber-Castell Pop-up Coloring Event

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    Guest Lecturers at Fitchburg State University

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    Hi! I am Aiko Fukuda, a Japanese Multidisciplinary Artist and Illustrator based in Tokyo. I was born and raised in Chiba, Japan and moved to Boston after finishing high school. I graduated from Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts with a B.A. in Graphic Design. After completing my studies in the U.S. I returned to Tokyo where I began working as the in-house Graphic Designer for luxury concepts stores, and as Art Director for a Japanese tech company. At the same time, I continued my love for drawing where I find peace and serenity. In 2014 I decided to say goodbye to the corporate world and embarked on my biggest challenge yet - as a full-time illustrator.


    My work has always been rooted in my childhood memories. My mom and older sister were very fashionable, I loved to sneak into their closets and wear their hand-me-downs. I cut and sewed clothes to fit my body, always thinking of different ways to wear them. This experience nurtured my creativity, and the value of "timeless beauty that transcends generations" that resides in objects became the foundation for my subsequent creative work as a visual artist.

    My playfulness is also manifested in my creations. I mix analog and digital tools to create my illustrations with the warmth of human touch. In 2019, I was the first Japanese woman to be selected as an Adobe Creative Resident, and since then I have been pushing the boundaries of my artwork to incorporate technology using AR (Augmented Reality) and mixed media in a 3D context. My AR work "AR VIRTUAL GARDEN" which utilizes Adobe Aero was selected for DESIGN TREND 2021. My lifelong research into "What is possible with my illustrations" is bridging paper and technology and creating new ways of communication.



    福田愛子 イラストレーター & アーティスト

    近年ではAR(拡張現実)を導入し、イラストとテクノロジーを融合させた表現方法を追求中。現在は東京とアントワープの2拠点で活動し、2018年にニューヨークで個展、2019年には日本人女性で初めての「アドビクリエイティブレジデント」に選出された。また最近ではAdobe Aeroを駆使したAR作品「AR VIRTUAL GARDEN」が DESGIN TREND 2021に選ばれ、Fitchburg State Universityなどの海外大学や国内外のイベントでゲストスピーカー・特別講師も務める。




    2018 Nominated for Gmund Award, Germany

    2017 Winner for Make it on Mobile by Adobe, USA




    2022 ANB Studio Program, Tokyo, Japan

    2019 Adobe Creative Residency, San Francisco, USA




    2022 Tokyo, Group Exhibition "Epilogue ⇄ Prologue Platform 29.8", ANB Gallery

    2022 Tokyo, Group exhibition "ANB Open Studio Vol.4", ANB Gallery

    2019 Tokyo, Adobe MAX JAPAN Installation "Wonder Chamber", Pacifico Yokohama Convention Center

    2019 New York, Charity Auction "Art for Tibet", Gallery 8 NYC

    2019 Los Angeles, Adobe MAX LA Solo Installation "Drawn Room", Los Angeles Convention Center

    2019 Tokyo, Live Art "Today at Apple x The Big Draw", Apple Marunouchi

    2019 New York, Group Exhibition "55Kids Day" by Copelus, SBC Art Gallery Brooklyn

    2019 Tokyo, Group Exhibition "Year of the Boar" by NiyaNiya Studio, Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan

    2018 Tokyo, Collaboration Exhibition "Aiko Fukuda x Urban Research", Omotesando Hills

    2018 New York, Solo Exhibition "Shape of Love", SBC Art Gallery Brooklyn

    2017 Tokyo, Solo Exhibition "Cabinet of Curiosities" sponsored by Faber-Castell, Tokyo Midtown

    2017 Tokyo, Live Art "Today at Apple", Apple Ginza

    2017 Tokyo, Group Exhibition "Karuta Ichi", Winged Wheel Aoyama Showroom

    2017 Tokyo, Solo Exhibition "New Standard Legacy", Clothier Shibuya

    2017 Tokyo, Solo Exhibition "Fashion Laboratory", L'illustre Galerie LE MONDE

    2016 Tokyo, Group Exhibition Fashion Trade Show "Rooms", National Yoyogi Studium

    2016 Tokyo, Collaboration Exhibition "Pas de Trois Dans le Salon" by repetto, Burnish Salon

    2016 Tokyo, Group Exhibition "Atelie Ebi Omo", Meguro Museum of Art

    2015 Tokyo, Group Exhibition "Love Drawing Vol.1", L'illustre Galerie LE MONDE

    2014 Tokyo, Group Exhibition "Present Graphic Expression", Recto Verso Gallery

    2012 Tokyo, Group Exhibition "Act Art Award 2012", The Art Complex Center of Tokyo

    2012 Tokyo, Charity Exhibition "Thumbhole", Hiroshige Gallery

    2011 Tokyo, Group Exhibition "Atelier Omo3 Kawashima Dojo", Hiroshige Gallery, Tokyo

    2010 Tokyo, Group Exhibition "Chiyoda Art 3331 Independents", 3331 Arts Chiyoda

    2010 Tokyo, Group Exhibition "Atelier Ebi Omo", Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo


    2022 MAC FAN Magazine

    2022 bis Magazine

    2020 Hanatsubaki Column

    2020 Adobe Blog

    2019 Wired

    2019 Gigazine
    2019 Pro News
    2019 Creator Zine

    2019 Nikkei X Trend

    2018 Fashion Press

    2017 Adobe Create (USA)

    2017 Artnet News (USA)

    2017 Roland D.C. Imagine

    2016 Vogue Japan

    2016 Mac Fan magazine

    2016 Isuta web

    2014 KiDS magazine (FRANCE)


    2020 Ballpoint Art 'Complexity from Simplicity' (CHINA)

    2018 Pictoria Volume No.1 (AUSTRALIA)

    2017 Fashion Illustration File

    2016 A Journey Through Monochrome Illustrations



    Press kit is available now!


    Apple / Blurb / Bon Appétit Magazine / Caren / Elle Gourmet magazine / Hysteric Glamour / Madame Figaro Japon magazine / GQ Japan / Marine Layer / Melrose Store / Milapinou / Mitsukoshi Isetan department store / Panasonic Shiodome Museum / RedBull / S. Essentials / Subaru / Volvo / Vermillion / Wired magazine / WOWOW Plus TV / ...and many more.


    Feel free to get in touch with Aiko for commissions, collaborations, and other projects you have in mind.