Aiko Fukuda

    Fashion Illustrator

    A Member of Graphic Artist's Agency BUILDING



    Born in 1986, Chiba, Japan.

    Graduated from Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts as B.A. Graphic Design concentration, and a member of Tokyo based creative agency, BUILDING. Aiko has started her career as an in-house Graphic Designer at a luxury fashion retailer in Tokyo. Later on, Aiko set up her career as Artistic Director at a Japanese gaming app company and sent for their Manila branch to found a creative dept. It seemed that Aiko had been climbing her career ladder smoothly, but she was not happy at all. After Aiko archived her mission in Manila, she left the company and started chasing her dream - being a fashion illustrator. As Aiko loves fashion, music, art, and nature, all of her works relate to what she sees and fills Aiko's love in it. Currently Aiko has monthly illustration "Otoko no Iroke (Bald is Awesome)" at BRUTUS magazine started from last year.